2023 Cider Competition Results

February 24, 2023

On Tuesday January 31st, the 11th annual Sweet Cider Competition was held in Simcoe, ON. Some of the province's top cidermakers went head to head, resulting in the following winners:

Sweet Cider

1st - Brantview Apples & Cider, Sweet Cider

2nd - Delhaven Orchards Ltd, Delhaven Orchards Sweet Apple Cider

3rd - Loughborough Heritage Orchard, Heritage Apple Cider


Tuesday, February 21st at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention in Niagara Falls, ON marked the 8th annual Craft Cider Competition. A wide variety of traditional, specialty, and modern ciders were showcased this year and the top 3 winners in each category were as follows: 

Heritage/Traditional Craft Cider

1st - Loch Mor Cider Company, Kingston Black

2nd - West Avenue Cider Ltd, Heritage Dry

3rd - Georgian Hills Vineyards, Ardiel Apple Dry Cider

Modern Craft Cider

1st - Thornbury Craft Company, Premium Apple Cider

2nd - Niagara Cider Company, No. 1 Dry Apple Cider

3rd - Ernest Cider Company, Ernest Cider Dry

Specialty Craft Cider

1st - Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery, Forbidden Hopped

2nd - Loch Mor Cider Company, Sour Cherry

3rd - Shiny Apple Cider, Shiny Apple Cider Pineapple Mango